Gokul Autotech was established in the year 2003. It is an expert in producing high quality aluminum pressure die casting parts and assemblies to leading OEMs and tier 1 industries in the field of automobile . The company has a varied range of die casting capabilities such as high pressure die casting , low pressure die casting and gravity die casting .GAT has installed HPDC machinery ranging from 180 ton - 1400 ton , With all the HPDC process completely automated . GAT has complete die casting setup in the industry, including tower melting furnace , die maintenance, tool room , shot blasting , degassing and metal treatment facilities. Die casting is further bolstered by state of the art powder coating facilities along with highly advanced machine shop, making GAT a one-stop shop for all your aluminium part and sub assembly requirements. GAT has been certified for IATF 16949 and has achieved SQ mark from Hyundai Motors India . Other manufacturing facilities of GAT and group of companies includes, cold forging , comprising of hydraulic and mechanical presses and heat treatment including phosphating , tempering furnaces , sealed quench furnace , induction hardening and sub zero chamber . Hence having a complete integrated manufacturing setup providing end to end solution to the customer. GAT has strong links with academic institutions and R&D facilities through Chennai Institute of Technology ,to identify various problems faced by industries and to find solutions by undertaking various industry as well as research projects .

High Pressure Die Casting

Gokul Autotech has a comprehensive range of high pressure die casting equipments ranging from 180T to 1400T capable of producing components from 10g to 10kg. The HPDC machines installed in here are state of art-equipments from Switzerland (Buhler) and Taiwan (Zitai). With all the machines having auto/robtic extraction, auto-sprayers, holding furnace with real-time control.
We have HPDC machines with latest technologies like :
● Fully Automatic
● Jet Cooling Technology
● Squeeze Technology
● Vacuum Technology & Option
● Two Platen Die Casting Technology
● Robotic Extractor and Material Handling
● In House Die Maintenance
● In House Die Cleaning and Washing Facility

Low Pressure Die-Casting

Gokul Autotech has latest LPDC machines with installed capacity of producing 120T of aluminium castings per annum. We have in house die-maintenance facility and individual holding furnace.

Gravity Die Casting

● Integrated manufacturing facility for GDC parts.

● Annual processing capacity of 200T of aluminium casting.

● Powder coating and shot blasting capablities.