Gokul Autotech has installed exquisite co-ordinate measuring machines in its manufacturing plant (Carl Zeiss), which ensures that machining set ups are ensured through sampling with minimal possible least count. With evolution of each step of Euro Norms, tolerances on components are becoming tighter and needs compatible equipment to measure them.


Gokul Autotech has acquired the latest X-ray machines and the entire process setting is done after validating the X-ray images of castings. Blow holes, porosity and other casting defects are minimized during the trial phase itself to ensure mass production which has acceptable level of casting defects.


Spectro provides an outstanding platform for carrying out tests of almost all the recognized elements of the periodic table. Whether the sample is a metal or a non metal or an alloy, GAT is fully equipped with all theinstruments required for its quantitative as well as qualitative analysis.


Contour analysis is often used to detect defects in objects by analyzing the object's contours. To analyze the contour of objects, curvature profile is often used. Gokul Autotech use this curvature profile which is effective in detecting defects in places where the contour changes abruptly. We use this analysis for better precision and accuracy.


Gokul Auto Tech has been cited as a very good producers,manufacturers of various mechanical goods.Our products have also been accreditied by renowned assossiations and utilized as auto-mobile parts in various many vehicles and machines by well-known corporates.Here are some of the credentials to testify of our cause.

IATF 16949

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