Gokul Autotech has been into Aluminium Die Casting since the last two decades and is one of the few manufacturers equipped to follow the three types of die casting processes. Quality management, safety protocols and focus on environmental sustainability is the core of our manufacturing.


Gokul Autotech has dedicated machining lines to cater the need of customers. Few machining lines are being completely automated based on the volume of the parts required. There are about:

● 45 CNC machines.

● 30 VMC machines.

Other manufacturing facility include:

● Grinding machines.

● Broaching machines.

● Special Purpose Machines.

● Washing machines.


● Semi automated sub assembly facilities.

● Capacity of producing 3000+ flywheels per day.

● Wide range of machineries for the production of sub assemblies.

Powder Coating

● State of the art powder coating plant to carry out a precise coating process.

● Consists of 7 stage pre treatment process .

● Semi Automated Plant.